If you've got a used vehicle you're looking to offload, bringing it in to Romain Subaru is guaranteed to be the best choice. Privately selling used autos can be a costly and labor-intensive effort. With our help, countless Henderson, KY residents have been able to turn their unwanted cars, trucks and SUVS into cash or trade them in to offset the purchase of new ones. Read on to discover five important reasons to sell us your car.

We'll Give You a Fair Offer: We use multiple, reputable sources of information when making offers on used cars. In addition to considering the age and condition of your auto, its make and model and any upgrades or accessories it currently has, we'll also look at historical and local market data, its maintenance record and its ownership history, among other things. Unlike many other car buyers, we're also willing to take input from you. More importantly, once our offers are ready, we willingly share the data that we've used to arrive at our numbers.

We Understand Used Cars: We work hard to maintain an impressive inventory of used vehicles. If you're proud of how your vehicle looks and performs around Princeton, we'll probably be impressed too. Every one of our team members loves what they do. We have extensive knowledge on all Subaru models, and we know quite a bit about many of the most in-demand options from other manufacturers too. With our strong focus on maintaining our reputation as a trustworthy used car buyer, we don't rush through the appraisal process, and we strive to keep everything as transparent as possible. If you've got questions, our sales team will happily answer them.

You Can Get a Great Deal on Your Next Vehicle: If you're looking to buy another car after selling your old one, you're guaranteed to find a number of worthwhile options on our lot. We have a large, diverse and constantly changing inventory of vehicles for our customers to choose from. Moreover, we'll give you the proper trade-in value for your current vehicle, and we can even offer helpful financing information to cover the remaining difference. Best of all, if you're hoping to get everything wrapped up as quickly as possible, you can offload your old vehicle and test drive another one on the same day. Our staff will work together to make this entire process as seamless and as hassle-free as it can possibly be.

Our Sales Team Will Handle All the Paperwork: With private buyers in the Owensboro, KY area, there's often the fear of not having the title transferred. We take all the risk out of selling a used car. Our team will handle all the paperwork for this transaction in a timely fashion. All you'll need to do is bring your vehicle in to have it assessed, sign over the title, collect your cash and be on your way.

Our Purchasing Process is Fast and Convenient: Dealing in autos is what we do. When you work with us, you can always expect a fast and ultra-convenient purchasing process. This is far preferable to parking your used auto with a for sale sign or dealing with online classified sites. You won't have to wait weeks or even months to attract an interested buyer, and you won't have to deal with super low offers that don't represent your car's true value. We are a qualified, interested and highly motivated used car buyer, and we have a long-standing reputation for giving Evansville locals amazing value.

If you've got a used Subaru to sell or a used car from any other popular auto manufacturer, make sure to get in contact with us about selling or trading it in here at Romain Subaru.