Shopping for a new set of wheels doesn't have to be soul aching. We believe that the process should be fun as if you're on the hunt for an elusive bargain. Stop scouring the Evansville roads for your next forever vehicle and check out our impressive selection of like-new cars, SUVs, and trucks. Our collection of used vehicles is second to none. Below are only a few of the brands and models commonly found on our lot.

Used Cars

If you're in the market for something reliable, safe, and efficient, consider one of our used cars. We have several from which to choose. With several brands at your fingertips, you can find a car that matches your unique style. Whether you plan to take it outside the area or traverse it daily, we've got something for you. Here are a few common suggestions.

For unbridled fuel economy and a tradition of technological prowess, look at a used Toyota Prius or used Honda Civic. Both options are equally powerful, spacious, and incredibly efficient. Or, if you desire something a little more refined, consider a used Hyundai Sonata for more cargo and cabin space. And if you desire something in between the Honda Civic and Hyundai Sonata, consider a used Hyundai Elantra for the most efficiency in a small car.

Used SUVs

Finding the perfect used SUV has never been easier with a selection like this one. Whether you wish to climb a mountainous region or commute daily across the town area, there is an SUV for you. For example, if you desire something large and in-charge, consider looking at a used Toyota Highlander. They have ample space for cargo and passengers, with a name that oozes adventure.

Or, if you enjoy going off-road and love an AWD SUV's freedom, then look no further than a used Jeep Wrangler. They are trendy and incredibly useful when venturing into places unknown. And for the refined individual with family needs, consider a used Honda Pilot or Hyundai Santa Fe. Both options are incredibly spacious, efficient, and above all, safe. Or consider something like a used Chevy Equinox for a premium and safe driving experience.

However, when finding the perfect balance between refinement and utility, look no further than a used Subaru. A used Subaru Forester is the perfect edition for anyone with an adventurous spirit. With an incredible ground clearance level and smooth driving experience, the Forester is an incredible value for the money.

Used Trucks

Our selection of used trucks is above part, especially in the town area. For example, few trucks can compare to the incredible cost to value ratio that a used Toyota Tacoma provides. They are not only durable and efficient but extremely luxurious. Toyota's promise of technological superiority is evident behind the wheel of any of their trucks.

And if you desire something larger than the Toyota Tacoma, consider a used Toyota Tundra. They are just as premium but come in a larger size with more utility. And if you desire something that will continue to turn heads in the Henderson, KY area, consider a used Jeep Gladiator. They are excellent investments that redefine what it means to be a Jeep and truck.

Schedule a Test Drive at Romain Subaru

Our selection of used vehicles will not last long. We frequently buy and sell vehicles, so if you see something you like, don't wait. Whether you’re in Owensboro, KY or Princeton, schedule a test drive today and experience the thrill of bargain shopping with our friendly sales staff. Or bring them any questions you might have about inventory or product knowledge. Be sure to check out our used inventory, including sedans, trucks, and SUVs. We have models from Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Jeep, Chevy, and Hyundai in stock right now.