Romain Subaru is Inspired by our Evansville Neighbors

What Inspires You?

We work hand-in-hand with local organizations so that we can continue to support Evansville’s close community. We’re also interested in learning from our community members about what inspires them to help so many. We’ve asked public figures, like local legend Don Mattingly and Executive Director of Wesselman Woods, Robyn Johnston-Deem, “What Inspires You?”. You can find these interviews on this page, and we hope it also inspires you! Ready to learn more? Reach out to our dealership for more info on how we stay involved in the community and how you can participate.

Don Mattingly

Mattingly Charities“To serve the most underserved kids in the Evansville area.”

Robyn Johnston-Deem

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve“To connect people with nature.”

Kendall Paul

Vanderburgh Humane Society“The faces of the people we are helping every day through our programs…”

Peri Black

Youth First“To strengthen youth and families”

Ron Ryan

Boys & Girls Club of Evansville“To serve the youth that need us most in their community.”

Proud to Support

Our Subaru dealership knows that we couldn’t stay in business without the Evansville community, and that’s why we’re so happy and proud of the work we do for many charities and programs in the area. Many members of our staff live right here in Evansville, and they work hard and connect with local community members that do lots to help Evansville thrive. Some programs and charities we work with include:

  • Vanderburgh Humane Society
  • Mesker Park Zoo
  • It Takes a Village
  • Boys and Girls Club of Evansville
  • Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve
  • Evansville Parks Department
  • University of Southern Indiana
  • Junior Achievement
  • Fields of Dreams Uganda’s Girl Empowerment Project
  • Make-A-Wish
  • Evansville Junior League
  • Evansville Rotary Club
  • Evansville Mountain Bike Association
  • Riley’s Children Hospital
  • Mattingly Charities
  • YMCA